SayMyName updates and how it did in ADC2

Moments ago I released an update for SayMyName (Cupcake and Donut) and a Donation version :)
The Cupcake version now features some new features like Silent ringtone and link to SayMyName Donut if you have Android 1.6 installed on your phone.

If you are able to install SayMyName Donut, you can now enjoy to hear SMS too (name and content!). There are also other great features and improvements on UI and under the hood. Go through the new options and try them:
  • Silent ringtone
  • SaySMS (reads SMS)
  • Discreet Mode
  • Contact Chooser (don´t want to hear the name of specific contacts? you can disable them with this tool)
Feature requests are welcome, comments and ratings here or at the Market too ;)

Donation version
If you like SayMyName and want me to spend even more time developing it, purchase the SayMyName Donate version at the Market :) Thanks!

Yesterday after I came home from a soccer-match (which my favourite team losed :( ) I received a mail from Google:
"Thank you for developing your Android application 'SayMyName ADC' and participating in ADC 2. Unfortunately, your application was not selected by Android users as one of the top 20 in its category.
According to the scores submitted by users, your application 'SayMyName ADC' ranked in the top 50% of all applications submitted.

We appreciate your taking the time to develop and enter your application. We strongly encourage you to continue working on it and submit it to the public Android Market, where it can be downloaded and enjoyed by Android users all over the world.

Thank you again for your participation in ADC 2.

ADC 2 Support"

At the moment I´m really disappointed, because I think SayMyName (in the current state) would have great chances! During the ADC-voting, developers weren´t allowed to update their (over a month old) submissions :/
But I look forward and hope there are some really good apps which hit SayMyName out of the Top 20!

ADC? We´ll see again next year ;)