What's coming...

At the moment I´m working on often requested features for SayMyName. Some brave testers already use this version and search for bugs :) Thanks!
Test version is available at Google Code.
Want to know what´s new and what´s coming? Read on...

  • reads name of the sms-writer too
  • speaks as loud as ringtone plays
  • adds support for all bluetooth-headsets (I hope so)
  • is able to read which type the caller´s number is ("home", "work", "mobile", ... - hint: you have to change the format string)
  • less bugs ;)
  • more performance
Coming soon
  • change layout and a new icon (anybody who wants to help? :) )
  • only announce selected contacts
  • some kind of ringtone-pause (I think only stopping the ringtone is possible :/ )
  • read the whole sms-content
Another cool feature would be dynamic ringtones - you select a static mp3 which plays a funny / famous voice who says "now there is a call from..." and then the name of the caller.

So far, so good. I´m happy about every feedback I get :)