Integration of games into social networks

I hope there are some game developers out there, who are reading my blog :)

A few days ago I saw a game like Abduction! on a friend´s iPhone. It´s called Doodle Jump. At the first look nothing very interesting about it, but then I saw a great feature: You can post your Doodle Jump-Highscores at Facebook!

You can see what it looks like at the picture.

I think this is a good feature for every game that features a score. Games I know with score:

The list has no end. Every game that features something like a score is able to integrate well in social networks.

For games like Head To Head Racing, where you have to drive the best time, it would be really cool to challenge your friends over Facebook and then publish your results there.

So please all Android game developers around the world: Integrate your games into social networks :)
I hope I can buy a social game soon :D

Thanks and keep up your good work! ;)