Updates, updates, a great review (and a new app)

I released a loot of updates since my last post at this blog. So, what changed? Read on...

The most visible change is a new icon. It´s designed by Dominic B. (who also helped me with the blog-design and develops Android apps too). Thanks ;)
There are also some new features in the Donut version (see Feature Wishlist) you often requested and I rewrote the front-page at Google Code.
As you can see, I listed all reviews I found on the internet. Some of them are really cool! For example the one at AndroidPit.de (check out the video).

Last but not least some users started reporting issues at my bug tracker. This makes organizing requests much easier :) Go on like that!

All new features are also included in the Donate version :D


P.S.: I released a new app at the market it´s name is "TouchDrums", made by Dominic B. For more information visit his blog