free Donuts for everyone! :D

Welcome to the news of the day,

The picture says more than I could ever say.
Donut slowly arrives at the first t-mobile devices and developers should prepare their apps to run on Donut phones before they get blamed by users.
SayMyName is now ready for the newest sweetness :) Go to the market, download it and send me your ideas.

There is also a new update for the old SayMyName. It now features French! Thanks to Lidonis C. for translating and beta testing :) Another great beta testers were Doug K and MikLSP.

You rock! :D

I also want to thank the other beta testers and everybody who wanted to help ;)

What´s next? After fixing a few little bugs in this version I will begin developing a extended version of SayMyName. This version will tell you more than only the caller, like calendar-events, sms, ...

I hope you enjoy SayMyName (Donut)

P.S.: SayMyName Donut code hosted at Google Code