Updated SayMyName download stats

Hello readers,

At first i want to say:
Welcome Planet Android subscribers! Maybe you noticed yesterday that my blog is now part of Planet Android :D

Two weeks ago I wrote about the download stats of my app. Since then A LOT changed.
  • official Android Market: 12294 downloads (+7547 !!)
  • SildeMe (unofficial Market): 341 downloads (+127)
  • Google Code: 99 (+42)
You see, Android Market is at the moment the best place to distribute your app.
Maybe this changes if your app is not free. Then SlideMe could be better, because users can buy your app, no matter which country they are living in.

Google Code downloads are really small, but I keep them up to date for users who don´t have acces to official Android Market.
It´s also useful for users who want to test SayMyName in the emulator.

After all these unbelievable numbers a bad one: 63% of the users uninstalled SayMyName :( I think that´s very bad, but another great Android app / game, called Abduction, which has over 250k downloads, also had been uninstalled by 60% of its users. Maybe that´s normal? I don´t know :/

By the way... I will release a Donut (Android 1.6) version of SayMyName soon. This version will use the built-in Donut-TTS.