SayMyName gets popular

Since SayMyName 2.2 is out another 1000 people downloaded SayMyName. That´s an incredible number, if you mind that version 2.2 got released yesterday!

Why so many new users?
  • With the new Locale Plug-in, SayMyName is one of the results when searching the market for "Locale".
  • AndroidTapp, a site which reviews Android apps, released an review about SayMyName. Unfortunately they write about an old version, so they don´t mention the Locale Plug-in (but I do in the comments ;)).

That´s really really great :D

Planned features for version 2.3:
  • Turn completely off-feature
  • Add option to repeat the name only X times
  • Don´t speak when already talking on phone

Another feature-request was to speak on more kinds of events, like calendar alert and SMS. I don´t know if I want to add this feature in SayMyName. Maybe I will make a new app that reads more events.

Thanks to everyone who´s sending me mails and using SayMyName! :)